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AFP entrepreneurs institute offers to learn different aspects related to “Amazon Private Label”. In this course, you will learn How to register a private label on amazon and generate passive income with the branded products on FBA. . Our course teaches you ins and outs of getting products manufactured and successfully sold on amazon. If you are already familiar with Amazon Private label sales, you can generate more income and make you more visible from the crowd and sell out the products by using Amazon private label strategy 


Most useful Tried and Tested Amazon Selling Techniques:

The plenty of courses are more focused on other people’s products and drop shipping procedures. Our course will allow you to sell your brand products. You can get a comprehensive course from beginning to advanced level for the entrepreneur.

Private labelling course work all around to use your inventory and Amazon Private label packaging. The selling products are made by someone else’s and outsourced as a private label. 

The purpose of the private label course is to complete the branding of the products. You trademark it, copyright it, and grow it and float it on the stock market. The companies are always there to come with skill and technical knowledge, and how to make your product more improved features and enhance specifications.

The course is action-based, the learner will have to perform every step. You will have to generate revenue on private label products on Amazon. You want to become an amazon seller and create a real worth for your business that you can expand, grow and eventually sell the products. You learn everything to launch your first Private label products for small business and perform  Amazon FBA Process.


Who this Course is for

The course is designed for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, start-ups and many more people. Those who want to start their own business, to learn to sell on Amazon via FBA, interested in selling their Private Label Product Training Programme is for those who want to make a side income from selling on Amazon, and want to quit their job and work for themselves. FBA and Private Label sellers who want to improve and update their methods to sell more units. 

What You`ll Learn on This Course:

Course Agenda | What We Will Cover

Introduction to the Private Label Product Business

  • Launch Your First Private Label Product with Amazon FBA 
  • Introduction to Private Label & Amazon FBA

Market Research | Create Your Niche List & Find Your Market

  • Create A Niche List (3-5 Possible Markets) | Market Research Overview
  • Niche Brainstorming | Finding Niche for Your List
  • One of the Top Ways to Find Hot Topics People are Paying For
  • Market Research for Dummies
  • How to Analyse Market Demand & Trends
  • Are People Talking About Niches?
  • How to Analyse Search Volume for Your Selected Markets
  • Is the Market Active? Let’s Check Facebook
  • Market Research Section Summary & Tasks

Create Your Product List | Potential PL Products

  • Product Selection Overview
  • Create Your Product List (10 – 15 Possible Products) – Product Selection
  • Amazon Departments | Create Your Product List
  • What are the Top Products People Are Buying?

Product Selection | Find A Winning Product to Sell

  • Product Selection & Tools Overview
  • Amazon Revenue Calculator – Product Research Tool
  • Camel Camel Camel Product Research Tool
  • Jungle Scout – Market Research [Paid Tool]
  • AMZ Seller Browser – Product Research [Free Tool]
  • Amazon Product Research – Select Your Private Label Product
  • Product Differentiation – 4 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition
  • Patent Research – Google Patents & USPTO
  • Product Research Section Summary

Product Preparation & Branding | Tax EIN, Barcodes and Branding

  • Product Preparation Overview
  • How to Form a Business & Get Your Tax EIN
  • How to Get a UPC Barcode for Your Product
  • Brand Names, Trademarks & Logos
  • Fiverr – Branding Your Product
  • – Branding Your Product
  • – Branding Your Product
  • Branding Section Summary & Action Steps

Finding Suppliers & Ordering Samples

  • Finding Product Suppliers Overview
  • Alibaba Overview & Getting Product Samples
  • Alibaba Review – Contacting Suppliers & Ordering Samples
  • AliExpress Overview & Ordering Samples
  • Finding Other Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • My Product Sample [AliExpress]
  • Finding a Supplier Summary Action Steps

Alibaba & AliExpress | Product Customization & Ordering Inventory

  • Alibaba Product Customization & Ordering Inventory Overview
  • Sending Designs to Supplier & Inventory Order Preparation
  • Order Your First Inventory Shipment from Alibaba
  • Email Template 001 | After Reviewing Sample [Alibaba]
  • Email Templates 002 | Inventory Quantity [Alibaba]
  • Email Templates 003 | Shipping & Payment [Alibaba]
  • Email Templates 004 | Inventory Inspection [Alibaba]
  • Email Template 005 | Final Payment & Shipment [Alibaba]
  • Ordering From AliExpress Overview & My Order
  • Summary Action Steps – Ordering Inventory [Alibaba]

Product Customization | Packaging, Logo’s and Labels

  • Customizing Inventory Section Overview 
  • Poly Bag Packaging, Warning Labels & Five Star Stickers
  • Custom Bags & Packaging for Your Inventory
  • The Easiest (And Cheapest) Way to Add Your Logo to Your Packaging
  • Card Inserts for Your Customers
  • Time to Work! Putting Everything Together
  • Inventory Customization Overview | Summary Action Steps

Amazon Account Setup & Shipment Plan

  • Amazon Account Setup Overview
  • Choose Your Amazon Account | Individual or Professional
  • Add Your Product to the Amazon Catalogue
  • Create a Shipment Plan for Your Inventory
  • Amazon Account Setup | Summary & Action Steps

Add Your SKU, Package & Ship Your Inventory to the Amazon FBA Warehouse

  • Inventory Shipment Overview
  • Add an Amazon SKU Label to Your Inventory
  • Inventory Packaging | Preparation for Shipment
  • Seal, Label & Ship Your Inventory Using Your Selected Amazon Partnered Carrier
  • Shipping Inventory | Summary Action Steps

Setup Your Amazon Product Listing

  • Amazon Product Listing Overview
  • Product Photos for Your Listing | How to Take or Hire a Photographer
  • Remove Background from Photos – Photo Editing for Amazon
  • Keyword Research | Create Your Keyword List
  • Amazon Listing Setup | Keywords & Copy
  • Amazon Brand Registry | Register Your Brand
  • Amazon Listing Setup | Summary Action Steps

Launching & Getting Reviews | Social Proof

  • Product Launch & Getting Reviews Overview
  • My Amazon Product Update | Reviews & BSR
  • The Amazon Seller App | Seller Tools
  • Getting Customer Reviews | Social Proof on Amazon
  • New Review Rules | Amazon Vine Program
  • How to Setup Coupon Codes for Product Promotion
  • Listing Maintenance | Adding More Inventory & Products
  • Product Launch & Reviews | Summary Action Steps

Amazon PPC & Product Promotions | Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns

  • Amazon PPC | Campaign Overview
  • Auto Campaign | Create Your Amazon Auto PPC Campaign
  • Download & Analyse Your Amazon PPC Report Data
  • Manual Campaign | Use Auto Campaign Data to Create a Manual PPC Campaign



  • 6 Students Enrolled
  • Language: English, Urdu, Punjabi
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Skill level: beginners
  • Lectures: 0
  • 3 Downloadable Resources
  • 40 Live Sessions
  • Certificate of Completion
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