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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is one of the fundamental prerequisites of each entrepreneur.  Each entrepreneur wants to expand its online business. The high competition is going to increase day by day. The companies are looking for the right people to promote their business. After doing this course, you will get the chance of doing the online business and selling the item. The most important thing for any business to increase sales. So, the online presence is very important and google ranking is very important.  The competitors are taking full advantage of it and easily take you out. The main purpose of digital marketing is to increase the sale, generate more traffic and increase brand awareness. AFP entrepreneur institute of commerce brings the more advance digital marketing course. You can learn from the highly dedicated instructors and attend the online session 

Our company does not believe in partial learning. Our instructors focus on the full flagged details from the basic to the advance level. The learning of digital marketing is no more tedious or boring. We have designed our course engagingly and interactively.  We also provide you with the opportunity to implement what you have learned in the course. The course provides you proficient knowledge to generate the traffic, convert the traffic into sales. You will also learn how to convert traffic to sales. 

Digital marketing revolves around Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. The importance of social media is undeniable. After completing the course. You will be able to advertise on all the platforms and generate targeted traffic. Now, you can learn Money Making skills. 

Who this Course is for

  •         The course is designed for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, start-ups and many more people.
  •         Those who want to boost up the sale through Generate traffic and increase sales
  •         The course is for those, who want to make a side income from selling on Digital Marketing. 


Digital marketing 

PPC Advertising Google Adwords

 Google Adwords Overview

  • Understanding inorganic search results
  • Introduction to Google adwords & PPC


  • Overview of Microsoft Adcenter
  • Setting up Google adwords account
  • Understanding adwords account structure
  • Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc
  •  Types of Advertising campaigns- Search,
  • Display, Shopping & video
  • Difference between search & display


  • Understanding Adwords Algorithm
  • How does adwords rank ads
  • Understanding adwords algorithm (adrank) in
  • What is quality score
  • Why quality score is important

 What is CTR?

  • Why is CTR important?
  • Understanding bids

Creating Search Campaigns

  • Types of Search Campaigns – Standard,
  • All features, dynamic search & product listing
  • Google merchant center.
  • Creating our 1st search campaign
  • Doing campaign level settings
  • Understanding location targeting
  • Different types of location targeting

What is a bidding strategy?

Understanding different types of bid

  • Strategy
  • Manual
  • Auto
  • Advanced level bid strategies
  • Enhanced CPC
  • CPA

What are flexible bidding strategies?

  • Understanding flexible bidding strategy
  • Pros & Cons of different bid strategies
  • Understanding ad-extensions
  • Types of ad-extensions
  • Adding ad-extensions in our campaign
  • Creating adgroups
  • Finding relevant adgroups options using tools
  • Creating adgroups using tool

Understanding keywords

  • Finding relevant keywords
  • Adding keywords in ad-group
  • Using keyword planner tool
  • Understanding types of keywords
  • negative
  • Examples of types of keywords

Creating ads

  • Understanding ad metrics
  • Display & destination URL
  • Best & worst examples of ads Creating ads

 Tracking Performance/Conversion

  • What is conversion tracking?
  • Why is it important
  • How to set up conversion tracking
  • Adding tracking code in your website
  • Checking conversion stats
  • Optimizing Search Campaigns


  • 6 Students Enrolled
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Lectures: 0
  • 3 Downloadable Resources
  • 8 Сoding Exercises
  • Certificate of Completion
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