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Amazon Ebay Seller account

Ebay VS Amazon selling account , you will learn about the best Ebay and Amazon seller account strategies.

You come to know about customers’ terms and conditions of each site. The learner will come to know what kinds of products you can sell on the account. The people want to buy, what they expect, can get the customer feedback, learn about the different community and demographics. 

In the course, you will learn the different and unique ways, in which way, partners communicate with the sellers, Amazon VS Ebay price comparison,  and generate more traffic and sales. 

The trainer will give you real-world examples from the recent listing and get a high profit. You can utilise the knowledge to create arbitrage profits. 

The trainer will give product examples. You can buy $30 and sell for up to 75$ on the eBay account. 

In some cases, you can get 50% more on each item. Sometimes, you like to sell on Amazon instead of eBay, and sometimes you switch on EBay instead of amazon. You can get benefited from the real-world strategies to make a listing of the products. The course discloses proven eBay and Amazon secrets for the eBay sellers. You will learn how to start your eBay and Amazon seller account and take it to the next level. 

At the end of the course, you differentiate between Selling on amazon vs Ebay of these sites and how you can take advantage of the websites.

Who this course is for 

  •  The course designed, who are students, beginners and entry-level businessman level are more welcome. 
  • Who has no experience and get started with eBay and amazon 
  • Those people who want to sell their household items and get extra cash 
  • The people who want to ship the items for the first time and have no idea how to sell the products and save money doing so. 
  • Students want to learn differences between eBay and Amazon.
  • Course Outline: 


    • EBay vs amazon comparison
    • Amazon FBA>> a proven business model
    • How to make money by using these differences
    • Another money making example 

    EBay: How it All Began

    • Setting up an Account on eBay
    • Deciding What to Sell on eBay
    • Buying on eBay
    • Setting Up a PayPal Account
    • Selling on eBay
    • Listing Items on eBay
    • Accepting and Sending Payments
    • Shipping Items
    • eBay Seller Tools
    • The Importance of Customer Service
    • Dispute Resolution
    • tips to Success on eBay
    • Setting Up an eBay Store
    • Legal Issues with eBay

    why sell on amazon 

    • Amazon Arbitrage & Amazon used items
    • How to find top selling products on amazon 

    Amazon Private label & UPC codes

    • UPC codes  
    • create an account on amazon 
    • UPC Codes

    Getting Started – Create an Amazon Account

    • Choosing your Brand Name, Setting up your Business and Tax ID
    • Brand/Business Name Idea Generation

    Top 5 Tips for Getting Started on Amazon

    Top Selling Items on Amazon: BSR – The “Best Seller Rank”

    What Should I Sell – Guidelines for Selecting Products

    AMAZON SEARCH HACK – See what is Selling Best!

    What Private Label Items to AVOID Selling + Retail Arbitrage Criteria

    How to Track an Items Total Sales per Day

    Best Seller Rank = X Sales Per Day

    Make your Product Stand Out

    Amazon software 

    how to source private labels for resale 

    • Where to Search for Product Manufacturers/Suppliers
    • How to Contact Suppliers and Sound like a Pro
    • Packaging

    Adding a Private label product to amazon Marketplace

    • Setting your Amazon Product Price
    • Amazon Revenue Calculator
    • Creating & Optimizing your Amazon Product Listing
    • Amazon Keywords – Don’t REPEAT Keywords
    • Amazon Sales Tax Settings
    • Top 7 MUST HAVES for Amazon Product Listings

    FBA fulfilment by Amazon

    • What is FBA?
    • Amazon FBA – Using Fulfilment by Amazon
    • FBA Prep & Shipping
    • How to Create a Manual Amazon Fulfilment Order + Removal

    Promoting your Amazon Listings 

    • Build a Product Launch List
    • GREAT Amazon Keyword Research Tool
    • Amazon Promotions
    • How I Promote NEW Products and Get REVIEWS
    • Amazon Advertising
    • Brand Registry
    • Sell on Amazon + Viral Product Launch

    Amazon FBA shipping and importing

    • HIDDEN Import Fees,  Import Tips
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Amazon Seller Insurance + Product Standards



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  • Language: English
  • Duration: 10 days
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  • 8 Сoding Exercises
  • Certificate of Completion
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